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Indian legend has it that the large lake creature, Ogopogo, was originally a demon possessed man who had murdered a well known and respected local man named "Old Kan-He-Kan." In memory of this man, his people named Our beautiful lake "Okanagan." To pay for his sins, the Indian gods changed the murderer into a lake serpent so he would forever be at the scene of his crime and suffer eternal remorse. The creature's name became "N'ha-A-Itk" which roughly translates into sacred creature of the water, water god or lake demon. To read more see Ogopogo.

The legends of the Okanagan lake and valleys create an environment that's as historic as it is beautiful.

In the trenches, WWI, one of the McMillan brothers said "I think I am going to get it today." And did. Dan McDougal replied, "Not me. I am going back to the Sunny Okanagan!"

Global warming has made the Sunny Okanagan much more sunny. The spectacular clouds in the Okanagan has caught the interest of many and we have lots of rainbows, just like the promised land by the place Joshua asked God to make the sun stand still: "The light always changes during the day," he said. "And when it rains, we get rainbows."

Here you may see this man's house by Gibeon and Bethoron:

The William R. Bennett Bridge to be complete May 25 2008. The first bridge was nominated to be the W.A.C. Bennett bridge but W.A.C. would rather it become the Okanagan Lake bridge. The W.A.C. Bennet Dam was named after him - one of the largest dams in the world powering ten 273,000-kilowatt turbines. Nothing much was named after Bill Bennett for his 10 1/2 years as premier. Thus it came as a complete surprise, though much appreciated, that Premier Gordon Campbell would name the new bridge to Kelowna the W.R. Bennett bridge. Bill Bennett upgraded many highways and bridges and infastructure during his 10 years in government, so it was fitting to have this much needed bridge named after him.

Estimated value is $144 million. You can see a picture I took of the Okanagan Lake Bridge just before the announcement here.

Friendly People

"We're seen as a very safe and friendly community" Gregg Salloum, President of the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association

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Vernon Teach and Learn 3015 30th Ave., Vernon, BC, Canada V1T 2C1 Phone: 1-250-545-3611

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Goats Peak Park

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Gellatly Heritage Park reserve now 1-800-689-9025

Okanagan History

Ogopogo, Unpublished stories of the Okanagan lake monster.

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Powers Flat

Kettle Valley Rail

DeHart House Ghost Stories

Dr. Underhill, Gruff doctor well-loved.

Okanagan Spanish Invasion?

Guisachan 1 # 2 # Postill 1 # 2

Eldorado Ranch

Picture of the Westbank Growers Coop 1950

British Columbia; motto: "Splendor without Diminishment"

W.A.C. Bennett Memorabilia

WAC Bennett found this flag unused in the basement of the Legislator in Victoria. So he brought the flag up and propsed the flag be the BC provincial flag.

The sheild was originally designed as a half-sun (representing BC's western location) in the top half and a Union Jack in the bottom half. The heralds in the U.K. thought the sun was setting on the British Empire so the design was reversed with the sun at the bottom. The flag depicts a rising sun rather than a setting sun.

W.A.C. Bennett.

B.C. Liberals

Legislation Ensures Safety of W.A.C. Bennett Dam, April 1997

Columbia River Treaty - B.C. to take power back.

Travel British Columbia

Beautiful British Columbia Magazine

Municipalities of Canada

- Native Zodiac, passage of the sun through the contellations through the year

Chelcedoy and obsidian were used to look at the sun. But do not look at the sun because it will cause instant eye damage.

Here you see a double rainbow on the first quarter moon. The bright rainbow to the left is from the setting sun. The second rainbow to the right may be from the reflection of the lake, a rare occurance:


Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Okanagan Centre

Okanagan Observatory

Mount Kobau Star Party

Dominion Radio Observatory

Solar Observatory

Petroglyph of an Okanagan sunrise

The sun rising over the eastern Okanagan mountains has long been a fascination of the valley. The first settlement on the Westside was named Sunnyside.

The sun rising in the east in spring marked the beginning of the year to ancient cultures. The sun rises between the hills as in this pictograph as seen from this pictograph about the time of the Chinese spring, or new year. To the ancient Chinese spring was in the east.

That is, the Chinese believed for some years earth was in a reverse orbit. Then the sun would pass through the zodiac from east to west just as the sun passes from east to west each day. Presently the sun passes from west to east through the zodiac. Thus the Chinese stated Spring is in the east. Only possible in a reverse orbit. The Sphinx faces the sun rise in the east on the vernal equinox. Today we observe the Easter sunrise to commemorate Jesus' resurrection. Jesus' birth must have been on Sunday, September 13, 7 BC.

Local 100 year old tree carving of the Okanagan Sun:

More about the Sun

Joshua's Long Day

The Earth Turned Upsidedown

Noah's Flood

Not the Thunderbird but a Flying Ogopogo

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