Eldorado Ranch, est. 1891


To experience some of our history why not visit/stay the Eldorado Hotel? Once the Eldorado Hotel was used to entertain guests at the Eldorado Ranch by the Countess Bubna.

Eldorado, in legend, was the name of a lost gold mine. When the Spanish landed in South America they came across the El Dorado legend: "There was a golden king who ruled the city of Manoa beyond the western horizon. Each morning, he was bathed in oil and then covered in gold dust from head to toe." Modern Scholars now think this was just the sun. Likewise the Golden Fleece of the Argonauts to the Black Sea is considered to commence the begining of the Age of Aries the Ram - when the sun was in Aries on the vernal equinox 1000 BC. The Eldorado Ranch did not make any one rich in gold. However, gold was found there. See The Lost River Gold Mine. El Dorado is no myth -- Peru is the eighth largest gold producer in the world and largest in South America.


George W. Simpson

Eldorado Ranch early history

The Story of Edward Postill and some of his descendants.

The Countess Bubna's House. The foundation is still intact. You can see where the lead windows were. They are now on display in my living room. The ceilings were 16 feet high and had a sky light. The rooms were built in a circle leading to the living room after Aristotle tradition. The countess was the daughter of the Duchess of Sutherland. She married an Austrian Count and in 1911 came to Canada to buy a ranch. She hoped her husband would be able to join her but he was not allowed in the country and moved to Egypt. Ten years later the countess moved to Egypt to be with her husband. Some time after the boiler from the countess house was used by the Kelowna General Hospital.

This giant has the largest spread-canopy, 24.8 meters - 81 feet, of any Ponderosa Pine in BC. It is 4.82 meters - 15 feet in circumfrence and 39.3 meters - 129 feet high. It also is the third largest Ponderosa Pine tree in wood volume in BC. The tree is more than 300 years old.



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