Preserving the Rich History of Guisachan Ranch

Aberdeen Holdings Limited was formed to purchase the Guisachan Ranch in 1964 and named in honor of the ranch's founders Lord and Lady Aberdeen.

In 1891, the incoming Governor General of Canada and his wife came to live on their newly acquired ranch in the heart of what is today known as the Mission area of Kelowna. Even in those early settlement days, the development potential of this site was apparent to the Aberdeen's. On arrival, Lady Aberdeen was so impressed by the natural beauty and striking resemblance of this area to her native Guisachan District in the Scottish Highlands, that she christened her new home "Guisachan Ranch".

Upon Lord Aberdeen's appointment as Governor General in 1903, he and Lady Aberdeen took up permanent residence in Ottawa and sold Guisachan Ranch, but returned for vacations for many years to come. Lady Aberdeen went on to found such organizations as The National Council of Women, and in 1909,The Victorian Order of Nurses.

From 1903 up until the purchase of Guisachan Ranch by Aberdeen Holdings Limited in 1964, the property was put into mixed farming and orchards by W.C. Cameron and later his two sons, Alister and G.D. (Paddy) Cameron. The Cameron brothers ran the ranch and developed many successful enterprises including a full fledged dairy, bottling and home delivery service.

The Camerons were well known for their participation in the community and were active in the Anglican Church of Kelowna and the Okanagan Historical Society. Paddy Cameron was made an honorary life member of this society for his enthusiastic leadership. He was active in both preserving our historic sites and in creating new organizations that would carry on for years to come. By donating clubhouse buildings and fields for the Kelowna and District Riding Club, he created the forerunner of today's Kelowna Riding Club.

Aberdeen Holdings Limited is carrying on this great tradition of giving back to the community and preserving our history through the creation of Guisachan Heritage Park. The company granted Paddy Cameron lifetime occupancy of the Guischan House (original Aberdeen Homestead) and the surrounding eight acres of park. After Mr. Cameron's death 2.5 acres of the land was donated by Aberdeen Holdings to the City of Kelowna. The company, along with the Central Okanagan Heritage Society restored the Guisachan House and Cameron Gardens to the original splendour of more then one hundred years ago. The lands and additional buildings that have been donated and restored have preserved the natural beauty and history of this area.

Today the Guisachan House Restaurant combines nostalgic atmosphere and fine cuisine with rooms set aside for the display of many photos and artifacts dating back to the 1890's. The surrounding parks, buildings and the "Avenue of Cedars" reflect Aberdeen Holdings ongoing commitment to incorporating the rich heritage and beauty of the area into every residential development we build.

By providing generous green space in our developments and by setting aside parklands and historic buildings such as in Heritage Park, we are ensuring that the spirit of the Guisachan Ranch will live on in harmony with the people who reside here for generations to come.