Stamp of Approval, The Honorable W.A.C. Bennett shown on stamp by Canada Post.

Flag W.A.C. introduced

B.C. Cabinet 1963

B.C. Legislature, 1970

Columbia River Treaty Dams
"Now here's the deal, Phil blacktops the road from California to the Aleutians, Mike gives up the Yukon, Lyndon gives me Washington and Oregon..." --On the way to sign the Columbia River Treaty at the Peace Arch on the B.C. Washington border.

The Columbia River Treaty # 1998 Update

Pacific Great Eastern Railway, Agassiz Rosedale Bridge, PNE.
Glacier in British Columbia

Golden Ring of Ancient Russian Cities
"The Governor General is here? From Canada? Admit him to my humble presence..."

Key of Sanfrancisco

Key of L.A.

Keys to many other cities.
"...Hollywood on the line Mr. Bennett...They're raving about the movie and they want to get in touch with that comedian with the big smile..."

B.C. Pays all direct debt, 1959. Direct debt today(1998) under the B.C. government is about $19,000,000,000! Total debt has risen $10,000,000,000 to $30,000,000,000+ in 7 years! W.A.C. boasted he took B.C. from being Canada's #1 have not province to be Canada's #1 have province. The difference between have and have not is whether a province pays equalization payments to the poorer provinces. He passed 20 balanced budgets. In 1998 B.C. had the lowest economic growth of all the provinces in Canada. Also B.C's credit rating was down graded both in 1998 and in 1999 to AA unstable. It is now up to the newly elected provincial Liberals, May 16 2001, to bring prosperity back to British Columbia.

W.A.C. Bennett started the Bank of B.C. in 1964. In 1989 the Hong Kong Bank took over. In 1998 the HK bank expressed interest to leave B.C. because of the poor business climate. They were persuaded to stay.

Audience with His Holiness Pope Paul VI at the Vatican. Tuesday, September 21, 1963.

Times item...PREMIER SAYS "I BELIEVE." "Five applicants for the position Sir. Three believe outright in Santa Clause, one is open minded and one still can't see how Santa gets around to all the houses in one night..."

The picture of W.A.C. Bennett
that was displayed on the cover
of Time Magazine, 1969.

With the artist.

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