Jacob in Cornwall

Stephen born 1551 in St Columb Major the son of Stephen Abraham could be Jewish as well. Elizabeth Pempero is the only one with the Pempero name. The persecution of the Jews first in Spain in 1492 caused many Jews to flee to Sicily. However the Manuels may have lived in Sicily for many hundreds of years since they were brought over as slaves and captives when Rome sacked Jerusalem in 63 AD. The persecution of new Christians and neglect and corruption by the nobility is the kind of thing that would force someone from Sicily to flee to Cornwall. Some of Lopes' immigrants to Bristol came to go back to Judaism. Opposition in 1540 caused them to scatter. Then the Pemperos, the Manuels and the Jacobs would be new Christians. The names Roger, Robert, and John were the names of popular Kings of Sicily. Edward was a famous king of England. The father of James Manuell surnamed himself Emanuel on the baptism records for St Columb Major in that record. Emanuel was a common name among the Jews first found in Sicily. John Manuel married Emblem Jacob in 1704 in Gwennap about 15 miles to the south of St Columb Major and the centre of a very large mining complex. A little research and there was a Thomas Jcabiss, son of James Jcabiss (Jacobus), Christened in St Columb Major in 1644. Perhaps the original name was pronounced Jcabiss. A little more research and Jacobis was a Sephardic Jewish surname in England, unlike the Crusade adopted name of Jacob. The spelling Jcabiss means the name must have been foreign to England and very likely Sephardic. Perhaps Jcabiss was changed to Jacob and a daughter named Emblem Jacob. There was a Lucas Jacob married in 1568 and a Pascow Jacob married in 1568 and a Stephen Jacob in 1605 in St Austell. There was a Roger Jacob married in 1588 in Breage. There was a Ralphe Jacobe married in 1606 in Newlyn East beside St Columb Major. There was also an Emblem Manuel born in 1579 of Humphrey Manuel. There was a Pastheia Jacob born to Jo Jacob in 1692 in St Agnes where Emblem Jacob was born. Jo of course is Joseph and Pastheia sounds very Italian/Spanish. Jo and John and Emblem Jacob must have been brothers and sister. There is a Prudence Jacob the father of Rebecca Jacob born 1689 in St Columb Major. This may be the connection from Jcabiss to Jacob. There was a Charles Jacob baptised in 1689 in St Agnes. Charles II was the King of Sicily in 1516 and was popular for building walls around coastal cities in 1534. Jacob Manuell married Elizabeth Jacob in 1743 in Falmouth where there was a new Jewish community, although if there was a connection it was many generations back. In the book, The History of the Jews in Aragon, Regestra and Documents 1213 - 1327, there are more than 40 entries with the first name Jacob - as common as the most common Sephardic name.
Some Jacob descendents from England are R1a1 from the Middle East.