Shi Kuang(very famous musician at that time) has to play the music of ?Snow?for Jin Ping Gong(King or Emperor is called "Gong" in old China), then "Xuan He"(crane from God) was impel by god come down earth to punish Jin Ping Gong. So fierce wind and rainstorm are appears to Jin country, and Jin Ping Gong also got very serious sick. Then three years dry season happened in Jin too. In country of Ji, a poor widow had very serious grievance. She pray to god, then lightning hit Ji Jing Gong's building. He was injured by falling bricks. And huge storm happened too. These musician and widow during that time are the lowest level people. Their power are even light than feather. Because they are good and honest, the god was affected. From this point, we can see when god want to punish the people who are only do bad things and not help others, no matter how high position or run even so far away, they still cannot avoid punish from god.

During the time of King of Zhou Wu (the first emperor of Zhou) fight with King of Shang Zou(the last emperor of Shang), when King of Zhou Wu's army cross yellow river, Bo Shen Yang(a very bad god who help King of Shang Zou) use the magic to lift huge wave, then no one can see anything. King of Zhou Wu holds his weapon on his left hand and right hand hold ensign. Shouting to Bo Shen Yang, King of Zhou Wu is here, who can violate my opinion! After he finished his word, the wave becomes so quiet. At the time when country Lu fight with country Han, the fight are difficult to say who is going to win. The sun is falling; King of Lu Yang points the sun with his weapon and yells. The sun is so scared to King of Lu Yang, and did not fall until fight finish. From this we can see, when good people face to problem, his or her can get help from god. Then they can success in everything. Brave people can lead huge army; most of them are seek to power and reputation. So even the people of only seeking power and reputation can be success, the people who have higher thinking level, can make enemy become to friend and willing to help others.

Meng Chang Jun (Meng Chang is a person's name, Jun is symbol for emperor's son) wants to meet Yong Men Zi (a person's name) because Yong Men Zi is good at sing sad song. During the meeting, Yong Men Zi told Meng Chang Jun, people can be sad by sing sad sang, the most important reason is they need in a very sorrowful environment. Then Yong Men Zi put his hand on the chest and singing a very sad song. The song lyric is toggle Meng Chang Jun's old mirthless. So he becomes to sigh and cannot stop crying. This story told us if people had sad experience before, it is easy to have sympathetic

Mutual induction between each kind of thing, in which mystery mysterious abstruse, is unable depending on the wisdom to explain, with debated said could not explain. Therefore the east wind sways, then the liquor floods, perhaps this is mutual induction between the things. The Ash of reed exposure in the moonlight on the ground left vacant draw circle the halo will also defect, then the lunar halo along with it damage, the whale will also die of the seashore comet also along with it appearance, perhaps this will be mutual touching between thing.

Therefore the sage reigns being in power, does not make the absolutely certain or absolutely deny, like this instead gracious favor all populace common people. The rulers and the ministers disobey disunity, and then nearby sun will present the unusual cloud. The god with the mutual induction which is mad, the general meeting has certain indication and fulfills. Therefore in the mountain the cloud meteorology thick patch of grass, the aquatic cloud is like the scale, the dry weather cloud gas resembles the smoke and fire, the rainy day cloud likes wave, if the wave, each kind of cloud's shape and produces their environment to be similar, this is so-called "the induction".

Therefore to cloudy cold, to positive intense summer heat, only the masculine and feminine elements contact will blend the synthesis neutral, the myriad things will only then produce. If only then male (Yang) nature, but not female (Yin) nature, also how can nourish the production myriad things?

The sun is selfless, was said that it will not be intimate with anyone intentionally, also will not become estranged anyone intentionally. Makes a fire, the sunflower toward the sun and so on phenomena, a few words, even if you are very intelligently, cannot explain these phenomenon reasons why. Therefore only depends on the informer sense organ's inspection, is unable to distinguish clearly understanding thing these principles; similarly depends on the innermost feelings the analysis to be also unable to determine these things the induction. From this pushes spreads out, only depends on intelligent or the so-called intelligence governs the country is very difficult, only then these familiar masculine and feminine elements change and can grasp the human who induces naturally to be able to hold the country to administer. The King Zhou is wicked, and then the treacherous minister cantankerous only will then appear in his one's side. At the same time Jiang Taigong and King Wu contemporaneous, King Wu only then can perform good deeds. So forth sees, the formidable fortunes and misfortunes long and short of the story, are grasping with difficulty with the foresight.

When that Chi Li (Red Dragon) and Qing Qiu( Blue Dragon) roams through in YiZhou ( today it is called He Bei Province, very close to BeiJing), the sky is sunny, the earth is peaceful, the poisonous insect beasts does not do evil. By now many snakes and eels want to fight with Chi Li (Red Dragon) and Qing Qiu( Blue Dragon), when Chi Li and Qing Qiu make dark cloud densely covered early morning, Yin and Yang over the battle, the storm emerges, its might vibration earth, its sound vibration great-hearted. It caused sneak and eel are so scared, in hundred ancient measures of length deep mires to hide, bears and tigers are hide in the cave, then the snake and eel knows who is the real king in the earth. Similarly, when the phoenix fly on the enlightened country, thunder restraining does not manifest suddenly, the violent storm does not emerge, river and sea does not raise the wave, the trees flowers and plants stands upright calmly and steadily. The swallow and house sparrow therefore lightly insults the phoenix, thought that the phoenix is unable with to strive for hegemony in the eaves beam column. Afterward when the phoenix circled rises to fly ten thousand ancient measures of length upper airs, to hover outside the great-hearted, puts on flies Kunlun Mountain's sparse garden (Kunlun Mountain is the most important mountain in China). Then swallow and house sparrow are so scared of phoenix. By now they know who the queen in the earth is.

In the past, people thought Wang Liang and Zao Fu are the best driver, after boarding, to grasp the reins, the horse is then marching forward along with theirs control neat harmonious start, the step was even, runs and loses headway does not mess up, drove to run quickly instantaneous dissipates, either left or right like has been taught by the whip such, socialized goes around resembles like the compass, the common people thought that they drove the technique to be exquisite, but the people have not seen the true wise imperial technique. But Na Qian Qie and Da Bing's rein technology are better, they simply do not use the reins bit, also does not need the horsewhip, the vehicle not to need the starting voluntarily to revolve, the horses do not need to direct itself to run quickly forward. Looks like the sun and moon movement naturally, star twinkle heavenly body operation, also resembles the electric light to spread the ghosts and gods to soar anxiously, the onset and retreat expands and contracts without the mark may seek. Therefore does not need to greet the direction, does not need to scold calls, instantaneous surpasses the goose which in the mountain place turns over to fly. Runs like flies, galloping illness fast, is stepping on the flying arrow gale likely, can catch up with the wind, in the morning embarks along with the rising sun from Fu Shang (a very old place, sorry I cannot find where it is now), evening along with setting sun home to return to Luo Tang (a very old place, sorry I cannot find where it is now). They are by reason of do not fine depending on the consideration, hands and feet; they are using their heart to control six horses by the spiritual influence.

When Huang Di (Yellow Emperor) controls China, there are two very powerful and knowledgeable people, Li Mu and Tai Shan Ji, to help Yellow Emperor. That why Yellow Emperor use Sun and Moon's rotation to know how to change four season and edit the standard of calendar; and also he use the different of Yin and Yang to distinguish male and female; define status of people's level. By follow the law to make no one get hurt or killed. The entire governors are fair and justice. No one argue about who has big land or small one; no one pick up money or variable thing from ground then put his or her pocket; no one rise market's price; no one need to lock the door when they go to sleep. The result is people love each other. All the stars stay with their track; huge harvest every year; tiger and other wild animals are not hurt others; even Phoenix and Kirin are willing to walk in people's yard. Dragon wants to become people's ride. But these are cannot compare with Fu Yi Shi( In China, people think Fu Xi Shi is the first tribe)'s thinking. In ancient times, Gong Gong, the water God, fought with Zhu Rong, the fire God. In his rage he knocked his head against Buzhou Mountain, breaking this pillar of the sky and causing one corner of the earth to collapse. The northwestern part of the sky collapsed and the southeastern part of the land sank. The sky could not cover all the things under it, nor could the earth carry all the things on it. A great fire raged, which would not die out; a fierce flood raced about, which could not be checked. Savage beasts devoured innocent people; vicious birds preyed on the weak and old. Then Nwa melted rocks of five colors and used them to mend the cracks in the sky. She supported the four corners of the sky with the legs she had cut off from a giant turtle. She killed the black dragon to save the people, and blocked the flood with the ashes of reeds. Thus the sky was mended, its four corners lifted, the flood tamed, the land pacified, and the harmful birds and beasts killed, and the innocent people were able to live on the square earth under the dome of the sky. However, the sky and land were not patched up perfectly. The sky tilted towards the northwest; therefore the sun, the moon and the stars moved in that direction. As the earth sank in the southeast, all the waters and muddy contents of the rivers flowed southeastwards. To the time which Emperor Jie ruled, the crowned head stupid unclear affair, the way of governing has been scattered in disorder, he abandoned the administration measure which five emperors alternated between kindness and severity, also has overthrown the correct laws and regulations which three kings administered. Therefore disappears to the high morals is unable to bring honor, ex-emperor's Confucian orthodoxy is destroyed. By now the crowned head handled matters depart from the divine intervention; the verbal command administration disobeys the season, the world also stopped to in society donation gracious favor. Good people does not dare to admonish the emperor spoke frankly, that makes people only to guess main on the intention to ask to cater, As the matter stands, the rulers and the ministers disunity opposes incisively, the flesh and blood to drifts apart sparsely; The beautiful woman does not comb the hair and wash the face dishevelled hair and dirty face the appearance, the singer swallows the coal to send mutely is not willing to sing; Some funerals reveal not heartily sorrowfully, The bird breaks off the wing to be injured, the beast falls breaks the bones of the four limbs disability; in the water the river water depletion, the fish are unable to survive.

To the modern times Warring States period, world has divided into seven different surnames the countries. Each country formulates respective law system, to rest on the respective manners and customs, vertically and horizontally two estrange, thus various countries send out troops the battle to rob mutually. They capture the city, slaughters innocents, Unearths other people's grave, tosses in the grave the skeleton, massacres the innocent common people. Hundred people go to battle with one life back, receives in exchange for the so-called great reputation. Old and the weak invalid in home filled with grief miserable. The so-called annexation other country territory, the price are several hundred thousand people were killed; also has by the arrow, the spear halberd, the rolling stone is wounded innumerably crippling, holds is supported by the arm is being lifted, So that these war criminals arrived at the pillow skeleton, the cannibalize unexpectedly, the minced meat person liver, have drunk the person blood compared to eat the beef pork delightful situation.

Therefore from three generation of later these days, the world people cannot stabilize their personality again, is unable to lead a life of comfort to the simple custom public sentiment, preserves the precious life to enjoy the natural lifespan, but does not die in the war man-made disaster. What creates this kind of present situation the reason is? Is because elder between feudal lord's goes on a punitive expedition against asks for the war, the world cannot melt is.

To present era, emperor place highest status, by the moral government world, and auxiliary by justice and humanity, therefore emperor minister offers their wisdom, the general common people recall with deep feeling emperor's kindness, the emperor direct calmly, the world will then surrender, the spring, summer, fall and winter four seasons can offer the respective high quality goods according to the season, the world unification are a whole, the descendants are the continuation. This is the five emperors obeys the divine intervention should the being suitable procedure.

In fact, the sage is also unable to create the fortune, but when fortune comes, he can grab it not to lose the opportunity promptly. Also meets the capable person assistance, subsides eliminates person's of sophistry talking nonsense, abolishes the severe criminal law. This has stepped onto the path which Fu Xi Shi ( In China, people think Fu Xi Shi is the first tribe) opens, returns to Confucian orthodoxy which follows to the five emperors.

In Zhou book sadi, "If you want to catch pheasant, you should follow their path." It is mentioning the importance of follow the truth. Today looks like Shen Buhai, Han Fei, Shang Yang and so on, they are follow legalist school governing policies, is only is capturing the thing the basis and abandonment thing source, because did not emphasize effects a permanent cure important, therefore these people will not investigate that social defect's origin root, why can develop this condition? They only considering formulate each kind of criminal law, and performs to implement heartlessly, as the matter stands, what really has violated a basis, with all one's heart pursued competes these knife pointed cone end type benefit, but the sparing no sacrifice common people benefit, the consumption exhausted their most thing, actually also happy, but for the peace throughout the country safe, this likely held the firewood to put out a fire, chisels the hole to store water equally absurdly. The water does not release develops vast one piece, but if the fortnight does not fall rain water, this piece of water dry will evaporate cleanly, this will be because the water has not obtained the water source to supplement. It is like Yi (The man who take down nine suns) ask Xi Wang Mu (God's wife) for live forever drug, but eaten by Chang E (Yi's wife) then send to moon. Yi was so sad about his wife and did not have second chance to get drug. Why he has this feeling? Because Yi did not know how this drug made of. Therefore, everything should grasp fundamentally. It is like to the neighbor gets a light was inferior that oneself grasps the flint which and the technology makes a fire, draws water taking advantage of others' well is inferior to oneself courtyard to chisel the well.others' well is inferior to oneself courtyard to chisel the well.