Joshua's Missing Day: The Results Compared with the Standards

The key is king Wan’s dream:

"King Wan dreamt that he was clothed with the sun and the moon. A phoenix duck sang on mount K'e. In the first month of spring, on the 6th day, the five planets had a conjunction in Fang. Afterwards a male and female phoenix went about Wan's capital with a writing in their beaks, which said: 'The emperor of Yin has no principle, but oppresses and disorders the empire. The great decree is removed: Yin cannot enjoy it no longer. The powerful spirits of earth have left it; all the spirits are whistled away. The conjunction of the five planets in Fang brightens all within the four seas.'"

Let’s look at the words “In the first month of spring, on the 6th day, the five planets had a conjunction in Fang.” Fang is Libra beside Scorpio. The sun has set in the west, the first quarter moon is directly above. We are looking west to the sunset. Problem, the western sky in is in Taurus, which is 180 degrees away from Libra/Scorpio. The sun passed Libra in November. Now it is February and Libra is a morning constellation that rises six hours before the sun in the east.

The only note that has been said about this, is that the Chinese counted Spring from the Fall. That is an absolute Lie.

Chinese Spring was counted after the winter solstice, January, February, usually. The rule was Spring began 45 days before the Spring Equinox. In 1240 BC the Spring Equinox was April 1.

45 days before this is February 15, 1240 BC.

The sun was on the opposite side of the earth that day.

It could only be on the opposite side of the earth if the sun had moved 180 degrees around the earth and earth had flowed in its forward momentum into a reverse orbit of the sun.

The planets have to move out of the way of the sun. Thus they appear in conjunction.

The beginning of the sunset, the sun is in Virgo, the planets moving in conjunction in the western sky, Fang = Scorpio directly above as the sun stood still in Virgo in the sunset position in the west. The sun stood still at the sunset position as the sun moved 180° back to Pisces by standing stiil at sunset for 12 hours. The sun was sitting just below the western horizon the whole time. Thus king Wan turned in for the night at sunset, then 12 hours later he got up in his hight clothes and the sun was still at sunset and the half moon still directly above. In that period the sun had set enough for the stars to come out. This first quarter moon stayed directly above for 12 hours. Then the planets set in the west and the moon set in the west.

The Phoenix is the Angel that flies to the sun to carry it to the other side of the earth.

The Exodus was March 30, 1281 BC at the end of the sothis cycle. You can see my figures moving the end of the sothis cycle forward 40 years from 1320 BC to 1281 BC.

These calculations for the end of the sothis cycle in 1281 BC are real numbers. Merneptah is the pharaoh just before he died at the Exodus in 1281 BC.

40 years later Joshua led the Israelites into the Promised Land of Canaan in 1241 BC.

King Wan made the statement:

"35th year of king Wen of Zhou, 1st month, day bingzi 13, during worship of the full moon the king announced, 'The many...eclipses are untimely, you should begin planning for the succession.'"

This is September 23, 1205 BC day 13 of the 60 day cycle on the full moon of the lunar eclipse.

35 years back from 1205 BC is 1240 BC = king Wan's first year.

Joshua’s long day then should have been August 24, 1241 BC.

"In Wending's 12th year, phoenixes collected on mount K'e." Note: This was the first year of king Wan.

Wending’s 12th year was 1240 BC, with the corrected Chinese chronology with all my work shown.

The sun miracle, phoenixes, of king Wan’s dream in his first year was in the same year as Joshua’s long day, February 15, 1240 BC.

The sun may have rose suddely in the east the day Joshua conquered Jericho, Saturday, February 17, 1241 BC. Then earth flowed into a reverse orbit of the sun. Half an orbit later the sun may move to the other side of earth again and back for Joshua's long day. Then one year after February 17, 1241 BC the sun may move back February 15, 1240 BC and earth flow out of the reverse orbit of the sun without a trace.

The pattern of sun miracles that year can be worked out by simple 180 degree sun movements.

Then earth must be in a reverse orbit for a year.

For there to be 365 days in a reverse orbit of the sun, earth must speed up its orbit two days, 48 hours.

For time to be the same after the reverse orbit, long days must add up to 48 hours to make up for the 48 hours of missing time.

The sun can move back at the half orbit point. Then move to the other side of earth and earth flow back into the reverse orbit the next day. Then one complete year after the first sun movement the sun may move 180° back and earth flow out of the reverse orbit without a trace. Thus earth can flow out of and into a reverse orbit of the sun.

When the sun moved with earth's rotation to stand still in the sky, it could move 12 hours, 180°, or 24 hours, 360°.

The 48 hours applied to the first half orbit is about 24 hours. Earth's orbit is slightly elliptical. Thus the missing time to be applied in the first half orbit is about 24 hours. Thus we have the basics in determining Joshua's missing day of about 24 hours.

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